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 Rules about Game Masters/Event Masters

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PostSubject: Rules about Game Masters/Event Masters    Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:39 pm

Rules predicted for the Game Masters (Including the Event Masters)

They're not allowed:

1.1 To teleport a player without reason or asking to teleport him.
1.2 To kill the golden invasions, White Wizards, Kunduns, etc.
1.3 To hunt mobs at spots/spawns if they're causing KS to other players.
1.4 To ask for the players's passwords.
1.5 To give/sell items to players, if those players haven't won them by an event.

They're allowed:

2.1 To request to see your items.
2.2 To punish you by their opinion (If they got proof for the punishment)
2.3 To remove you from their events, if you're disrupting it.
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Rules about Game Masters/Event Masters
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