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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules    Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:35 am

1. Accounts

1.1 You could have unlimited number of accounts.
1.2 Don't share any information about your - account, password, email.
1.3 If you violate rule 1.2. our team won't help you if your account or items are stolen.
1.4 Stealing account will cost you immediate IP ban and blocking your own account (if you have).
1.5 Buying/selling and betting on account is allowed (on your own responsibility).
1.6 Selling items, accounts or SMS in other server is not allowed.
1.7 If rule 1.6 is violated your account will be blocked.

2. Insults, swearing, treats.

2.1 Insulting, swearing and intimidation are not allowed. You will receive "Warning". Three "Warnings" will get you 5 days ban.
2.2 Insulting member of the server team will get you Permanent ban.
2.3 Disrespectful and rude behavior towards Game Master is punishable by 2 days ban.

3. Hacks and bugs.

3.1 Using any "dupe bug" is not allowed.
3.2 Using any programs, hacks and patches making the game easier or giving advantage are not allowed.

4. Kills

4.1 Systematic killing heroes under 20 resets is not allowed.
4.2 Breaking rule 4.1 won't lead to ban but you will receive "Warning"(Three warnings = Five days ban).
4.3 Rule 4.1 won't be considered if the "victim" provoked the attacker.
4.4 Killings in Sky Event or any other "Server Auto-Event" is allowed
4.5 Killing a Game Master after He says 'stop' will be punished with exile, if refuses to stop, then 2 days ban.

5. Advertisements.

5.1 Any kind of advertisements of other websites and servers is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN
5.2 Breaking rule 5.1 will lead you to PERMANENT IP & Account BAN.
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Server Rules
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